Hi everyone,

Here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep working on the band music; focus on Syncopated Clock. When working on this, try focusing on the notes first, rhythm second & articulations/dynamics third. Make sure to keep the staccato notes extra short. If you’re having trouble with the rhythms, listen to the YouTube recording.
  • Focus more on major scales this week once you have the band music down. Spend the majority of the time working on the more challenging aspects (thirds).


  • Keep working on the chromatic scale. Start with low Bb & finish with high F. Make sure to focus on the lower notes & getting them in the right order!
  • Look at C major scale & arpeggio. Practice with the metronome!! Make sure to make the notes nice & long instead of short & staccato.
  • Look at your rock band & school music. When practicing this try clapping out rhythms that are confusing & make sure to try to have the nicest sound possible when practicing the slower pieces.
  • Try breaking up your practice session into three sections: work on your chromatic scale first, then your major scales followed by any music you need to look at. Be efficient with the time you have.


  • Aim to practice thirty minutes a day. Ten minutes on your chromatic scale, ten minutes on your major scale, & ten minutes on the blue book.
  • Keep working on the chromatic scale. Focus on the notes that you’re having a hard time remembering.
  • Continue working on C major. Try practicing with the metronome on 61 (haha) with each note of the scale being a half note. Don’t forget the arpeggio as well.
  • Work on the song in the Rubank book that we looked at today. When practicing, take things one bar at a time. Make sure you look at the note names first, & then figure out the rhythms.

Good luck with the practicing, see you guys next week.