Great work learning the C major scale today! Practice RH & LH separately for now. Remember, RH: 12312345,54321321 & LH: 54321321,12312345. Familiarize yourself with the song on page 50. Practice 10-15 min/day if you can!

We started working through your new book today! Fill out the worksheet I gave you for note identification. Familiarize yourself with the acronyms for the treble & bass clefs. Treble: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, FACE. Bass: Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always, All Cows Eat Grass

We played “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” in C major (with the right hand playing the melody) and played some songs using only the black keys. See if you can practice playing using the same fingers we used today (2,3 OR 2,3,4 on black keys) and challenge yourself to play “Twinkle Twinkle” from memory!
*See you next Thursday at our new time 5:30 pm!

We continued working on “Indian song”, great work! Practice the 1st half (measures 1-8) hands together. If you get stuck at measure 3, practice it by itself SLOWLY on its own several times before you play the whole first half.

Practice vocal warm-ups 5-10 min/day. We began singing through “Train wreck” and “Safe Inside.” Remember when you are singing the higher part in “Train wreck” to use your ‘meow’ voice to sing stronger and access the diaphragm! If you are singing and feel it in your throat, try singing on a vowel ‘ma’ or ‘meow’ and see if you can control the placement.
*see you next Thursday at our new time 4:30 pm!


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