Scales : C , D , E major

C, D, E minor

Review : Fur Elise

In progress : Snowflake rag – try HT 1st page

– watch for the chords changing in LH (C / G seventh)

New : Spanish Dance – H S (a minor)


(practice time : 15 mins a day)



Scales : C & G major

Review : Ode to Joy


I progress : Lavender’s Blue – Memorize RH , this way you can focus your attention on the chords in LH

New : 18 Century Dance (G major)


(practice time : !0 – !5 minutes a day)



Scales : C, D , E, F , G – 5 note patterns

Review : songs on black keys

New : Jolly Old saint Nicholas – notice patterns and the symmetry between RH and LH


(practice time : 10 minutes a day)



Scales : C major

Review : Lightly Row

Forest Drums

No Moon Tonight

Grumpy Old TRoy

New : Merlin’s Wand  – whole tone scale, pedal (have your fingers ready before you start)

Russian Sailor’s Dance – A minor harmonic (G sharp)

Theory : pages 36, 37


(practice time :  15- 20 minute a day)



Scales : C, D, E, F, G major

Review : Jazz Blast  – HS/ HT – C minor , watch for E flat

New : Snake Charmer – G minor harmonic, watch for B flat and F sharp


(practice time :  15 – 20 minutes a day)



Scales : C & G major, parallel and contrary motion

Review : Pachyderm Caravan

In Progress : Snow Fort Hideout (a minor, have your position ready)

New : The Horsman’s Night Ride (c minor harmonic – E flat, A flat, B natural ; 3/4 time signature)


(practice time : 20 minutes a day)











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