Great work today on visually identifying notes on the treble and bass clef and playing them simultaneously! This week, focus on page 40, playing the notes in the bass clef using your left hand. Practice 10-15 min/day. Also remember what we learned about the note durations (quarter and half notes) and if you can, clap the rhythm before you play! I appreciate all your hard work :)

It was so nice to meet you today! Once you have found the right keyboard for you to practice at home, see if you can review the sheet I gave you today and try to identify the notes on your keyboard. See if you can find a melody on your own as well, for a song that you really like. Next week we will continue learning theory and start playing some pieces; both from your book as well as some pop songs!

Practice the LH in the new song we started today: “Indian song”. Try the first two bars in the RH slowly! Practice 10-15 min/day. Great work recognizing patterns and similarities in a range of songs we flipped through today while searching for our new one. It’s great that you are challenging yourself!

Leia & Jason
It was such a pleasure meeting you both today! Once you have found the right keyboard for you to practice at home, see if you can find those houses (small & big) on the keyboard. Also see if you can remember which notes are in which houses (C, D, E in the small house & F, G, A, B in the big house). Also, practice playing ANY notes (white or black keys) using each of your five fingers on each hand. I’m looking forward to working with you more!

It was so lovely to meet you today! I enjoyed hearing you sing and identifying goal areas together for things we can work on. Practice 5-10 min/day warm-ups: brr (13531), meow (54321), ha (54321-activating diaphragm). Start on a note lower in your range and gradually move up, going to where you feel comfortable, without straining your throat. I look forward to starting some songs with you next week!


Above all, have a great long weekend, and remember: practicing can be fun! If you get tired of the piece or exercise you are working on, take a break and play for fun or make up your own song. Or, if some particular part is giving you a hard time, focus only on that part until it feels a bit more comfortable.

Great work everyone!



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