Songs: Merrily we roll along – make sure to play from right to left smoothly. There is no stop inbetween lines. Do this for Men from Mars as well.

New songs: Ode to joy, Sea story, Hey mr. Half note dot, Alouette. Fill in counting and count and clap out loud then play and cout out loud.


Bring both piano books to class next week!

Songs: I can’t wait, practice with metronome at 90 bpm. Build up to 100 bpm by the end of the week.

New song: It’s a small world. Play through the 1st page, hands apart.

Clap and count then play and count.



Scales: C major scale 2 octaves both hands separately. Every day!

Songs: The lonely pine, li’l Lisa jane practice a smoother transition from each line to the next.

New songs: C’s rock and mozart 5 names. Fill in counting, clap and count then play and count out loud.


Scales: c major 2 octaves hands together, test on solid and broken triads hands together

G major scale both hands 2 octaves with solid and broken triads

Songs: puff the magic dragon, remember to count out loud Olivia! You can do it! Add 2nd and 3rd of both hands.

The marines’ hymn, add left hand but still play hands apart.

Sakura, new song get as far as you can. Count and clap play and count.

Little do you know, can’t help falling in love remember to explore your head voice don’t push and use your proper breath. No Diphthongs on I.