Practice the exercises “Skipping,”  “Jumping,” and “The Splits” before practicing your songs!

Practice “Afternoon Swing” while counting out loud.  Great job so far on this song!

Start looking at “Ho Hum.”  Practice hands separately!

Remember these phrases when figuring out notes in the treble and bass clefs!

Treble Clef lines: Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge

Treble Clef spaces: FACE

Bass Clef lines: Good Bears Deserve Fish Always
OR Grandma Boogies Down Fifth Avenue

Bass Clef Spaces: All Cows Eat Grass



Pick a fun song to learn (a movie song, pop song, etc)

Continue warming up using the double 3rd exercise ascending and descending.

The Avalanche: Really make the dynamics contrast each other.  Go for as much drama as possible!  Work on making the arpeggiated chords clear and consistent.  Practice these chords by themselves before doing them hands together.

March in D: Great job!  Take this week to smooth out wrinkles  like bar 9.  Don’t forget to count out loud and use your metronome.

Prayer – Great work!  Practice through and make sure you don’t hesitate on harder spots.

Positively Swinging – It’s much more relaxed now!  Keep working on grace notes and keeping your wrist nice and loose.  Focus on bar 17 and play it slowly.  Really pay attention to if the grace notes are sounding.



Before practicing your songs, warm up with the two exercises “Walking” and “Hopping.”

Review reading the staff and practice the two songs we reviewed together.



Make sure to shake out your hands and arms before sitting down to play.  Keep your wrist up so that your other hand can pass under it (like a tunnel!)

Practice the two songs we reviewed together.