Hi everyone,

Here are your assignments for this week:


Spend some time this week improvising drum fills along with your favourite beats. Think about the rhythm that you’re going to play before you play it, and try to be creative. Don’t play the same rhythm/fill every time. Also, think about what song you might like to learn next. Come with a few suggestions next week and we will listen to them, talk about them, and then decide what to start working on.


Practice the accent patterns that we worked on this week. As they start to become more comfortable, see if you can speed them up. Also, see how softly you can play the non-accented notes while still bringing out the accents. Next week we will work on incorporating these exercises as drum fills. Also, listen to some music this week and try to come up with ideas for a song that you’d like to start learning.


Practice accent patterns 1-4 this week and see if you can play each one 8 times in a row without stopping. Work on moving the accents around on the toms and keeping the non-accented notes on the snare drum. Also, take a look at accent pattern #5 and see if you can learn it this week. We’ll work it and some other new ones next week.