Hello Team,

A few bits of information.

Piano Tuned

We’ve had the piano tuned in Studio 1.

Drums stay put

As mentioned in my previous email, we change the set-up of studio 4, and would like the electronic drum kit to remain in-place.  If you need more space, the small wall table is collapsible – just lift the tabletop slightly and swing the support over to the right.  The electronic kit has had a lot of wear from all of the moving around over the last year, and we’d like to minimize that for it to last as long as possible.  Thanks for your understanding.

Toilet Fixed

The upstairs toilet is now fixed.  We’ve been trying to be more on top of cleanliness and supply maintenance, but would appreciate an alert if either of these areas is lacking.  Thank you.

Studio 5

As the upstairs toilet is fixed, so is the burst pipe in Studio 5.  You can now enter and use the studio as normal.  We left one of our keyboard stands at the recital, so we don’t have the keyboard set up in this studio at the moment.  We’ll try to sort that out ASAP.