Shray did not bring his book to the lesson this week, so we worked on a fingerpicking pattern to go with the chords for Titanium. Continue to work on keeping the thumb relaxed and make very small movements with the thumb and fingers – try not to move the rest of your hand, just the fingers when you are playing.

As well, continue to practice the exercises from last week:

Pg 15 pattern, do with G and Em chords. Also do with C and Am chords starting on 5th string

Pg 29 pattern – do with C and G7, simple 3 string chords

Pg 38 pattern G 4x and Em 4x(same as plucking open strings)



Continue the practice from last week: Skip to my Lou, London bridge. Practice should be at least 10 minutes a day, and at least 4 days this week.

We started some new songs you can remind Malin of: The wheels on the bus which is another kids song he knows, using the same chords as the others, C and G7. Another one bites the dust on the low sounding string. He doesn’t really know it yet, but if he listens to the recording of it he can get it in his ears.



This weeks lesson we focused on Happy Birthday – both melody and chords. Make sure to practice both and try to memorize. Try playing the chords while someone sings them.

Also continue Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.



Practice the pieces we went through in the lesson especially when the low octave and high octave are both written, making sure you know when to go the higher note and when to go the lower one.



Did not attend lesson this week. Week before we worked on:

Jealous by labyrinth – capo 1st fret.

Young Volcanoes by fall out boy


Started working on the full chords for C, F, G this week – these are the chords in Silent Night which you can continue to practice.

Also work on the next bit of James Bond, and the beginning of Star Wars