Nov 5-11 Homework


Continue working on your bar chords a little bit at a time. Practice the pattern with a pick we did for Ivy by Frank Ocean.

Sam Smith song – work on new ‘jazz’ chords Cm, Gm, Fm



Book: Continue to practice Spanish theme so you can play it in rhythm. Work on the new examples for the 2nd string, 9,10, and 11

Work on strumming C and G7

Practice Harry Potter sheet with a goal of memorizing it.



Smells like teen spirit – listen to song where the strumming patterns change. You can try playing along as well.

Wonderwall – work on changing chords in rhythm. Consider buying a capo so you can play in the same key as the recording.




Minuet in G – work on both high and low versions..

Here comes the sun – Both songs are on the lft musicclass Youtube channel. It would be good practice to play along while listening.