Hello TFS Friends!

We are hard at work getting ready for the coming school year.

Lessons Start 7 September

We’ll be starting lessons again on September 7th.  You can download the Teaching & Important Dates Calendar for your fridge at home now.  We recommend you keep this handy, as it will be a good guide for the year.  Remember, you are not billed for holidays or make-up weeks.  You’ll notice there is also the FAQ and User’s Guide to ABC included.  We recommend you keep that handy, as it answers the most commonly asked questions parents have.  Read it once, then forget about it until you need it!

Fees Are Increasing

IMPORTANT:  There will be a modest fee increase at the end of the month.  If you have not yet booked your lessons, and would like to keep the lower fees, you must register by August 31st, after which the new fees will apply.

If you have any questions about the coming year or our lesson programs, please call the office at 416-651-7529.  Thank you!