Great job today, all you dedicated summer pianists!!  One more week to go..


I had fun teaching you these 3 or 4 lessons this summer, Amelia.  You really got the hang of ‘moving to the rhythm’ as you played, keeping a good posture, high wrists and curved fingers.  Keep it up, you are musical!!


Your ‘moving to the rhythm’ improved from last week yet again!  Now, try to broaden HOW you move to the rhythm DEPENDING on the piece you are playing.  Don’t be afraid to move fast if appropriate for the rhythm of what you’re playing!  Don’t be afraid to make a big sound!  But, only move in a broad motion on STRONG BEATS.  It is our job as musicians to decipher the rhythmic character of the piece we are playing, and how it changes (if it does at all) throughout the piece.


Summer test next week for our final lesson for the summer.  GOOD!!  You have the video of me playing ‘Batman’, and I went over both the R.H. (right hand) and L.H. (left hand) of the piece, and demonstrated to you on how to put both hands together.  No excuses.


So sorry to hear you won’t be taking with me after next lesson.  But, I understand.  I hope you find a teacher worthy of your talents (and who speaks a similar musical language as I do) in Mississauga.  ENGAGE your core, stick your chest and elbows out, and keep wrists high as you play.  Shoulders should ALWAYS be relaxed!!