Hello friends of ABC! We have a major news update coming soon, but we are still working on a number of details that are not ready for consumption, just yet. We are also trying to get the last stragglers into our database of emails so that all parents and students can get these instant and automatic updates. On that note, thank you all for your patience and agreeing to receive our news/updates in this way. We know that there is a lot coming into your email, much of which is junk mail, so we appreciate the time you’ll take with our news bulletins.

In the meantime, here are some small updates that are timely.

Summer Lessons
We are still taking summer lesson registration, and we have our best availability ever for summer lessons. Remember, our schedule in the summer is really great because we only teach Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, which always allows you to have full long weekends!

Take advantage of the summer to prevent skills from slipping (really important for students under 12 years old), but also to maybe try a new instrument.

Maybe Mom and Dad are also keen to try something? The summer is a great way to do that.

2012-2013 (Fall) Lesson Registration
We still have lots of spaces available for your young students to register for fall lessons. We have been getting busier every year, and those hot lesson times after school are always tricky to get, especially as we get closer to the start of the school year, so we strongly urge you to reserve your preferred time today!

We (most likely Jasmine), will be be calling those of you who have not yet re-registered to see if we can get you a time that works for your fall schedule. Some of you, we know, are waiting for other commitments to determine their schedules, so just let Jasmine know when she calls. We are also happy to get you registered and if something changes between now and the start of the school year we’ll be happy to adjust for you! That way, you can book the ideal time now, and hopefully all will remain the same.

Music Together schedule for 2012-13
For the moment, the teaching schedule for coming academic year follows below. There is a chance that we’ll be moving our Sunday classes to Saturdays, in which case we’ll update you.

Fall 2012
Demo: Sunday, September 30
Tuesdays: October 7 – December 9
Sundays: October 9 – December 11

Winter 2013
Demo: Sunday, January 6
Tuesdays: January 15 – March 19
Sundays: January 13 – March 17

Spring 2013
Demo: Sunday, March 17 ( note, last day of prev semester)
Tuesdays: April 9 – June 11
Sundays: April 7 – June 9

Demo classes are a good opportunity to bring your friends to class and to catch up on any missed classes. We didn’t have too many opportunities to carry through with these this year, but are hoping for better luck in the coming year. For a little Spring break, however, the spring demo will be held on the last day of the Winter semester, so makeups won’t be possible then.

Music Together registration for 2012-2013
We will be taking registration for the coming year either over the phone, or in class, beginning this Tuesday. We are excited about the coming year, and great new music collections!