Hello Everybody!

Recital registration is now open.

Please note the recital is Sunday, December 2nd.  Schedules you received at the beginning of the year may have indicated December third, which is incorrect.

General Information

Register now at the desk or by phone.  Teacher attendance at the recital will become available in the coming days.  Please note teachers are not required to attend, so they may not be there.

As usual, the recital will be at:

Root Down Studio
225 Geary Ave.
(Near Dupont & Dufferin)

Times will be:


Music Together & Rhythm Kids Families Welcome

As usual we welcome our families to come see live music – it is never too soon!  Our sessions are short and sweet, at roughly 45 minutes, and we love sharing the music with you!  Just pick a time and come.  If you are too worried about the activity or lack of patience your kids might have, we welcome you to watch the live stream at home.

Rock Band Information

Rock Bands will play at:

RB 1 (5:30 rehearsals) • 12:00, 1:00 Note: Call time is 11:15 for soundcheck. Do not be late.
RB 2 (6:30 Rehearsals) • 1:00, 2:00

RB 1 students are expected to stay and watch RB 2.

Choir Information

The new ABC Choir will perform at 12:00, early in the program.  There will be a warmup/soundcheck.  Note: Call time is 11:40 for soundcheck. Do not be late.

Live Stream

As usual we expect to have a live stream for your loved ones to watch far away.  Stay tuned for information on that in a future post.