Hello Everybody!

This will be your recital schedule post. Please refer to this online for the latest updates. There will not be a further email about it.

The recital Location is the Root Down Studio at 225 Geary Ave. (at Dufferin, just north of Dupont).

Call the office with any questions you have.


Use this link: https://video.nest.com/live/A94u5Zuy2T

The password will be: ABCAcademy123

Note: The link will not be live until 10-15 minutes before the recital begins.

12:00 – Giulianna, Elizabeth, Tim attending • NO spots remaining

Liam M & Friends Extravaganza
Zoë A.
Maria I
Ava B (hold)
Julia C
Abi I (hold)
Mazin (will perform before Rock Band at the end)
Rock Band I

1:00 – Priya attending • NO spots remaining

Rock Band I
Rock Band II
Olivia B
Simone P-A
Nate M
Sara G
Sabrina V
Anna G
Daniela GN
Will McD
Eliana SF

2:00 – Priya attending • 3 spots remain

Rock Band II
Ezra J
Jonathan D
Avril S
Chloe T
Klara E
Nathalia S
Ian N
Claire McI
Daniela B
Carmen R
Sacha D