#1. Trio to Ambassador March
– remember Bb and Eb
– Focus on precise rhythm. Try singing through the rhythm while clapping a steady beat before playing.

#2. Continue Amazing Grace and improvising with the C major pentatonic scale. Try to feel the gravity of the notes; which ones resolve a melody and which ones lead somewhere else?

#3. Learn Wade in the Water (handout)


#1. ‘Top Tones’ overtone warmup. Remember to start each note with a breath, playing one breath per note.

#2. G minor harmonic scale at 75 bpm

#3. G minor arpeggio – pg 74.

#4. G minor étude: work on 4th-8th line this week, working slowly and steadily with the metronome.

#5. Work on playing back So What transcription along to the recording. Try a) listening, b) listening and singing along until you have it right, then c) listening and playing along. We’ll take a look at this together next week.


#1. Register switch exercise v2. Focus on strong, uninterrupted air support and high ‘eeh’ voicing.

#2. Galper 115, 156 (1st half fluid for next week)

#3. Remember to bring Final Countdown next week.