Hi Team,

The recital sign up sheets are now at the front desk.  The times are:

December 14

12 noon
1 pm
(4 – if needed)

If you are available for one or more times, please put your name on that time, or call it in to Lydia this weekend.  This will help your students choose a time when you are around.

You should also start to actively enrol students into these times as soon as possible.

Hard to believe we are already at that time!  Don’t forget that your performance reviews are coming up.  This process will be updated to function online this year, and eliminates numeric values from your end.  Response options will be randomized, and questions may be weighted differently, from one item to the next.  Target goals will be the same overall as in previous years.  I will let you know when that process is finalized – the target date is December 1st, to match the start of the review period.  You may refer to the Teachers Only part of the website for the important dates in our calendar.

Reports will be proofed and appearing in your boxes early next week.  Get them countersigned and handed out right away.