Hi Team,

Please read this email carefully.  It contains important information that relates to the rest of the year.

As discussed at our fall meeting, you will now all have email.  This is a beta test phase and there are important procedural details to follow, which is part of this test.  Your ability to execute these procedures during the testing phase will determine if email is an ongoing part of our student-teacher ecosystem.  It is an open-ended test period, and I encourage you to use this as a means to tighten your relationships and to encourage practice.  There are a number of ways to do that, but we’ll leave that for another email.

Policies & Procedures for Email (beta)

Incoming emails may go to your ABC email address.  Your email address is [email protected].  For example:  [email protected] or [email protected] if you have a hyphenated name.  Your emails will automatically forward to your personal emails, which will mask them from students and parents.

Outgoing emails are to be sent via gmail using the [email protected] account.  The password is the same Schumann-based password you use elsewhere.  All of your messages should be typed underneath the red text at the top of the screen.  This is to make sure students do not reply to this email.

Usage is strictly for items related to lesson preparation, practice, information, and multimedia that relates to in-lesson goals, lesson preparedness, and encouragement of musical interest in general.  At no time should any item related to scheduling be discussed with parents.  All scheduling must be done via the front desk.

Cotap beta (phase II)


If you have a smartphone, we are requiring you to download this app for iOS or Android.  Some of you have been testing this since the spring, and we are now expanding our test.  Please bring your version up-to-date now.

This is an internal text messaging system that allows us to communicate individually or by group, which is customizable by need.  You can message the office team, or you can message all the violin teachers, guitar teachers, etc.  This can be very helpful when looking for a sub, or if there is a weather alert, etc.

Use your ABC email to log in, and all the other teachers who have logged in will be visible to you.

Set up Alerts so that they appear with the message on your home/lock screen during regular phone operations.  Thank you!

This software also exists in desktop versions for OS X, Windows, and Linux, and can be used in a web browser version, as well.  Visit the Cotap website for more information and to download.