Do You Know Your Time?

Click and view the recital program to make sure you know when you are playing.

Do You Know Where?

The recital will be held at JJP community centre, at 1369 St. Clair Avenue West, at Lansdowne in the Nursery, where we typically hold our recitals.

Are You a Good Audience?

Part of learning to be a good music student is the learning of good listening and audience habits at a concert.  Parents are strongly encouraged to revisit these tips with their kids every recital.  Here are some tips for getting your student ready to perform:

Being a Good Performer

The biggest area that I would like you to emphasize is the approach and departure from the instrument.  Kids often feel nervous and pressured, so I encourage you to practice this in your lessons this week, so that each student looks like they are under control.  A practical reason for this is our video process, which does need to be adjusted from student to student, but it is good practice for being a better performer in general.

1.  Approach the instrument not too quickly, and smile like you own the world.  Take a measured bow, then sit down.

2.  Be comfortable at the instrument, make sure everything is where you want it – it is your performance, and you can take whatever time you need to set up.

3.  Before you begin, take a good, deep breath.  This act alone can relieve tension and nerves to a high degree.

4.  Play your piece the way you want to, and the way you imagine it.*

5.  When you finish, bring back your million-dollar smile, and take a bow.

6.  Walk away from the instrument, not too fast, like what you did was something you do every day, no problem.

*Most people don’t know what you are playing, the only way they’ll know if you make a mistake is if you let them know by making a face, a noise, stopping, twitching, etc.  I usually recommend smiling like you are pleased, and did exactly what you wanted to.  Fool the audience!

Being a Good Audience Member

1.  Try to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated, imagining what it would be like to perform.

2.  If someone looks a bit shy, a little extra applause will help them feel good about what they are about to play.

3.  If someone looks at you before they play, give them a smile!  It will make them more relaxed and happy.

4.  Be sure to clap for their effort when you are done, or clap a lot because you really liked what you heard!

5.  If you want to go the extra mile, you can always go up to a performer in person (no matter what their age), and tell them how much you liked it – they will be so impressed that you took the time to make the extra effort.


We will have our re-registration and summer program instant registration available at the recital.  Please complete this to guarantee your fall spot and to get a spot for summer programs (lessons & Camp). The form is also available at the front desk now, until Saturday, May 18th.  As of May 19th, people may take any spot that is available, and/or switch times.