Hi Team,

In our meeting we didn’t cover the idea of how our new homework posts will affect the way we administer our bi-annual reports.

Because there is more ongoing information to parents with the posting system, it reduces the need for the current format of our reporting system.  The question we now need to ask is what is the next evolution of our bi-annual reporting?  Having a send-home report of some type still makes a lot of sense, particularly because it aligns with the traditional school format, and keeps us positioned similarly in families’ minds.

I’d like to ask you for your thoughts on how this should work.  What should stay and what should go?  What should we add that isn’t already there?  Are there things that you think would work as standardized options (e.g. Drop-down or check-list options for rating average practice habits, suggested daily practice, etc.)?

Your feedback and input is valued and important in this process.  Keeping some form of reporting should be a complimentary process to our other processes, not one that duplicates efforts (transition periods between new methods notwithstanding).  Please take a few minutes to mull this over and send me an email directly with your thoughts.  I’d like to have an update on this for you for the next GM.  Not going to be here in the fall?  Your input is still valued and welcome, not to mention appreciated.

Thank you very much!