Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Hope everyone is having a good week so far.  Mark Sunday May 15, 2016 as ABC Recital day!

Keep reading for the homework this week.



Dotty Waltz: Great job making progress on this!  Your rhythm is improving. Try to find the LH notes quickly, and when the rhythm switches to the left hand, careful not to let the RH take over.

Stepping Up and Down:  Keep those fingers strong. You’re doing much better with the lifts. Try to get your wrist up first, then your hand follows, instead of moving your whole arm up and down as a unit.



All Together Now: We worked through the entire song today. Be sure to keep your fingers in C position.  You’re doing great!



My Dear Augustin: Well done learning the song. Strive for a faster more secure tempo, and varied dynamics.

Oh Snap: We started the first three lines of this piece today. 
Oh Snap

For next week’s lesson, please bring: Prep B RCM Book:


Simple Gifts: Stay in the F position (same as Ode to Joy).  Keep thinking about the rhythm so that you’re not playing the entire melody at the same speed.

Ode to Joy: Keep practicing the end of the third line carefully. Look down at the keyboard to check that your fingers are moving to the correct key.



Sweet Molly Malone: Well done on keeping a secure tempo while playing the dotted rhythm accurately.  Possibility of playing this at the recital?

British Grenadiers:  reach the B under middle C by crossing your finger 2 over. Bring your other fingers over so you can reach B with a relaxed hand (not tense). You don’t need to keep your fingers glued to the keys, or else it will be very difficult to reach the B.

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the duets!




Keep up the good work everyone. It’s great when we can make some progress week after week.