Hi everyone!

I want to give a big “thank you” to Felix, Nate, and Sophie for making the most out of our session this week.  We were a little bit short-handed, but I think we made some progress with the song Stand By Me.

Here is what everyone can do to prepare for our next practice:

  • Listen to Stand By Me. It’s always a good idea to try to learn the words and to sing along with it (in your head or out loud). Remember: we can’t play songs that we don’t know.
  • Practice your parts slowly with a metronome.
  • Practice your parts along with the original recording.
  • If there are any songs that you’re interested in learning, tell me. I’m open to new song ideas!


  • Practice the strumming rhythms. Make sure you can switch between chords without stopping or stumbling.


  • Practice your part with a metronome and play along with the original recording.  If you have other ideas about things you want to add to your part, practice them and show them to me next week.


  • If you are interested in working on a piano intro or solo for Stand By Me, you should do it and show me next week!

Thanks everyone.  See you on September 24!