Hello Pedro, Ronan, Alejandro, and Brad,

good to see you again and well learned as well.  Here is your homework for second week.

1.Pedro- We just learned how to hold drum stick properly. Make sure read the material and practice slow. Remember that relax your shoulders and wrists. In addition, make sure your two fingers hold stick tight because it is a fulcrum that allows to move stick without forcing. Look your right hand because it often tilt.

2.Ronan- Ronan, we learned the beat division, whole note. Please remember that you must count 1,2,3,4 before you play. After the count, you hit drum every time on number 1. Also, you have to count at the same time. Moreover, ask a help from parents to count consistently so that he could count not only steady, but also play as well. Finally, keep practicing the stroke. Remember do not press the stick. You MUST have to play like a bouncing ball.

3. Alejandro- We learned the beat division today, whole note and half note. Please remember that make sure count and try to move between whole note and half note. It’s important to know how to move one beat to another beat smoothly. Finally, keep practice your stroke. I often see that your hand position is not correct. We went over again, so practice slowly.

4. Brad- We learned the beat division today; whole note, half note, quarter note, and eight note. Remember that count loud and practice slowly. Although you know the concept, it doesn’t mean that you know how to play accurately. The good way to practice is put a metronome, so that you could play consistently. Finally, keep practice the grip. Do not force to hit and don’t lose your grip.


Happy practice ~



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