Hello Rockers,

A number of you missed rehearsal this week, for which only the extra pizza hour was cancelled.

For clarity, please remember that unless it is a long weekend, recital/performance, make-up week, holiday, or otherwise indicated, sessions begin in September and go through the school year, even after our ‘Tour’.  Please get your young adults to call the office if they are not sure, or not coming in for any future rehearsals.

This week, the 18th, is the last regular week of Rock Band.  This is the week with the extra hour for pizza and planning/feedback for band members.

The 25th of June is the make-up week, and there will be a Rock Band session this week at the regular time.  If your young adults have not yet signed up for this Rock Band Email List, please have them do so now on Colin’s Teacher Page.

Fall timing may shift a little, but we won’t be able to know until sometime over the summer.