Hi everyone! Thanks for the hardwork this week! Maria and Noreet, get well soon! <3


*New* Chant of the Monks – this is your first written piece with hands playing together in parallel motion. Giving the half notes (the hollow ones) 2 counts is very important. Count while you are playing. You know how to read the RH notes, not the LH yet, which is why they filled in the notes with letter names for you. This piece is made of two little phrases that each repeat. You can listen and play along here.  Giving the half notes (the hollow ones) 2 counts is very important. Count while you are playing.

LH of Team Fortress 2 Theme – this piece is 8 bars that repeat. I have written out the LH groove. It is all 8th notes, so there will be 8 notes per measure. The first two bars repeat 3 times, and the last two measures are different. Practice it slow and steady by itself. We will add the RH in next week.

C Major scale – great work! Keep practicing hands seperate. As a bonus, challenge yourself to learn the G major scale. The fingering is identical, but it starts on G and has one black key = F#. The notes are G A B C D E F# G. RH is still 123 12345. LH is still 54321 321.

C, F and G chords – great job playing these solid! Experiment with playing the notes one at a time in different patterns now. A good starting point is bottom, middle, top, middle.


Good King Wenceslas – your reading is improving so much! The LH notes in this piece are F, and a C power chord. MF means mezzo-forte/medium loud, P means piano/quiet, F means forte/loud. This piece will sound like a melody, and then an echo of it. Try to bring the paper back next week, and we’ll play the duet.

C Major scale – both hands, seperate – great work! RH is 123 12345, LH is 54321 321.

*New* Keep Doing What You’re Doing by Bryson Tiller – I wrote out the intro and then the chords as well. It is learnt from this video, which you can reference as well. These are super lush, awesome jazz chords. They have lots of notes, but that’s why they sound so great. The reward is definitely worth the hard work!


Gravity Falls – sounding good! Try isolating the parts where the hands play together to get the walking up bassline.

Dozen a Day exercises as seen below as warmups: