Working on 8-counts:
–Assign different instruments to different counts
–Finishing with a crash
–Adding different fruits on different numbers

Repeat-After-Me Game



Warmups (1min each)
–8 on a hand
–Singles; doubles; paradiddles
–Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
*Alfred Solo #2
–First five lines
New Song
Xylophone: Alouette p37


Upcoming Music Exam:
–Around May 12th
–xylophone music: please send me a copy, and remember to bring home for next week!
Warmups (1min each):
–Triplet Exercise 120bpm
–Sixteenth-note Exercise 100bpm–Great job with wrist control!
Syncopation Book: Lesson 4
–Work on making the Swing Shuffle (ex. 11) feel good with the accents
Lenny Kravitz–All done! Great job.
New Song! Jump by Van Halen!11 ****
–This week, try learning the first bit of the song through the first verse
***Decide about playing in the recital on May 5th


Warm-ups (tips of sticks)
–8 on a hand
–Singles, Doubles
–Single, Double, and Triple Paradiddles ***
Say It Ain’t So
–Add in the chorus beat (bass-bass Crash!)**
Alfred Lesson 6: Combination study, line 1
–Try to learn this without having to write the counts in (but you can do if necessary)


Padwork (1min/ea)
–Triplet ex. (Goal Tempo=130)
–Sixteenth-Note Exercise (goal tempo = 100)
–Flam Taps: try “breaking down” this rudiment (slow–>max speed–>slow)
–Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles – goal tempo: 130bpm
Give It Away by Red Hod Chili Peppers
–Up to the end of page 3*** (except for last line)
–Drill the five different variations of the fill (starred)***
——Identify what is tricky about each one, and focus on that as you read**