Listening and identifying fruits from the fruit salad game
Playing along with My Back Pages
–Trying to play different fruits in time with the song
–Stringing together different fruit salads


Warmups (1min each) **keep thumbs on sticks–no boxing mitts
–8 on a hand
–Singles; doubles; paradiddles
–Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
*Alfred Solo #2
–First four lines**
Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams: Lose Yourself to Dance
**Building solos using Fruit Salad game overtop of steady bass drum


Warmups (1min each):
–Triplet Exercise 120bpm
–Sixteenth-note Exercise 100bpm–Great job with wrist control!
Syncopation Book: Lesson 4
–Ex. 12-15**
–Number 11 with accents on 2 and 4 = the Swing Shuffle
Lenny Kravitz
–Great work. This week we’re just polishing it off! Think of some new songs you might like to learn and we’ll pick one next time


–8 on a hand
–Singles, Doubles
–Single, Double, and Triple Paradiddles ***
Say It Ain’t So
–Add in the chorus beat (bass-bass Crash!)**
Alfred Lesson 6: exercises 1-6**
–Make sure to use alternating sticking (L-R-L-R…)
–Ask Mom or Dad for help to make sure you’re counting these correctly


Padwork (1min/ea)
–Triplet ex. (Goal Tempo=130)
–Sixteenth-Note Exercise (goal tempo = 100)
–Flam Taps: try “breaking down” this rudiment (slow–>max speed–>slow)
–Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles – goal tempo: 130bpm
Give It Away by Red Hod Chili Peppers
–Up to the end of page 2**
–Print and work on exercises 1-6 on this worksheet** (RR. 14-15)

–Bookmark this link for future use


Warmups (30sec/ea):
–8 on a hand exercise
–Single Stroke Roll (L-R-L-R….) playing smooth, even, controlled strokes
–Double Stroke Roll (L-L-R-R…)
–Paradiddles (L-R-L-L R-L-R-R…)
AC/DC: Back in Black
–All the way to the end!! **