I had a lot of fun with everyone today and you all are making great progress! Enjoy the warmer (but maybe still wet?) weather this week!


Golden Hour – first 8 bars. Evenness is the most important thing about this piece sounding pretty. First get used to the notes by playing them blocked (all at once), and then practice moving from one set of notes to the next (it’s a 4 chord cycle). Once that is easy you can start doing it as written, perhaps hands separate first. A light touch is appropriate for this piece.


Saturn by SZA – In C major. We learnt the entire intro today in C. Familiarize yourself with playing C major and D minor triads with the LH. CEG and DFA are the notes.


*New* Legend of the Buffalo – this is in the Technique and Artistry book I lent you. It is in D position, and sounds minor. This is what it sounds like. Holding down the RH whole notes while playing the staccato LH chords might be tricky, but sounds so cool and fancy! Be precise. At the top of page 2, it uses a lot of 4ths (the interval), which does a lot of alternating between fingers 1 and 4, or 2 and 5.

G Major scale – same fingering as your C scale but it has F# on the “ti” (7th) note. Practice hands seperate with this fingering. We must break your silly extra thumb under fingering habit ;)