Hi everyone! Thanks for your awesome practicing! <3 Keep it up :)


You’re working on D-E-F March and Mister Bluebird. These are both songs that just use your RH but…… could you play them with your LH? Yes! Give it a try and use proper hand position. Today we discovered that the QR codes on each page give you play along tracks, super fun! Try them out with a tablet or your parent’s phone if possible..

We also learnt all of Rudolph except for the “then one foggy day” section, we’ll do that next week! If you need a reminder of how it goes, first use your ear, but then you could refer to this: GAGECAG, GAGAGCB, FGFDBAG, GAGAGAE
then repeat that all but for the last ending notes use a higher D and C instead.

We also did a fun finger independence excercise called “climbing the ladder”. Warmup with this – the RH goes 12131415. LH is 54535251.


Keep working on O Holy Night. I would work from “fall on your knees” to the end to get it up to the level the rest of the piece is at. Great work with this one, your LH is very steady.

For He’s A Pirate, I kept working on it after you left and I agree with you that the Two LH notes at the same time as the RH chords is the way to go. Another option I discovered is doing Three LH notes at the same time as the RH plays, completely steady quarter notes – it’s a bit heavier though. When you get to the later part where the RH does play the same chord 3 times in a row, I would mirror this in the LH as well. A great technique I should’ve shown in class is tapping the two hands rhythms on your lap/a table. This really helps get the rhythms and coordination down without having to focus on the notes. This is a tricky song and I’m sorry I didn’t have more anecdotes in class, but I’ve never played this piece!

Fiddle around with learning the Rudolph melody if you can, the staff is faded but it is treble clef. I will help you with this next week, we can make a cool arrangement.


Missed you this week! Take care :)


Away in a Manger. Hands Together. Remember it is in 3/4 and count yourself in like 1,2,3,1,2 and then your first note is on beat 3. That is a “pickup”. Great job moving your hand to new positions so smoothly.

We Three Kings. We added the chorus part on this week so practice it all together. You can do hands together also! You definitely have the skill.

Today I showed you the C Major one octave scale’s proper fingering. RH is 123 12345. LH is 54321 321. Practice JUST the thumb under motion by hopping your thumb from C to F and back a bunch with as little movement as possible.


Jingle Bells was awesome! Record it when you can, you should be proud!

Four Wheel Drive. This piece needs to be steady to achieve the desired effect of a piece of machinery. Take it slower and be precise with your counting as you add in the RH. I drew lines to draw your attention to when the hands line up and when they don’t. At measure 5, the LH note is still tied, and the RH plays on the offbeat so the hands do not align here at all. Lots of details to be aware of.

Great job with I Saw Three Ships – now work on it hands together. You did this in class with me today so be confident.

I’d like you to start practicing your broken and solid triads again. The keys required at this level are C, F and G Major and A, D and E minor.


You’re working on Good King Wenceslas. The first LH note is “tied” which means you play it once, and then hold it down for the full two bars. Great job sightreading this today – you should be proud.

Keep doing your C Major one octave scales, and your C major broken triad (CEG).

We also did a fun finger independence excercise called “climbing the ladder”. Warmup with this – the RH goes 12131415. LH is 54535251.