Hi guys, it was so great to work with you guys this morning, keep up the good work!!




Really great job today Charlie! I’m really impressed with how quickly you’re picking everything up! This week try to see if you can play through all of Dani California. If it gets tough remember to add one limb at a time, or practice each note slowly. If you want more to work on, pick at those 16th note bass drum patterns that you took pictures of. I think Jeffrey would love to hear some of that next week! It might also be a good idea to make a list of some songs you’re interested in learning.



It was so great to finally have a lesson in-person again Jonah!! I had a great time. I hope your concert with the Hannaford band went well today, it sounded like you knew your music pretty well. Next week I think it would be awesome if you could try playing some of the tunes you did today like Frosty the Snowman on xylophone for Jeffrey, I think that would be good practice to get used to the instrument!