Nice work on Ballad of John and Yoko, it is sounding great! Work on Daytripper and Come Together for next week. Listen to the tunes this week and play along to all three. Also work on the C major scale. Remember the fingering we learned works for all major scales. Remember to put your middle finger on the note you want to play the scale from. Try a couple out this week! Try to practice G, A and D for next week.


Nice work on You Are My Sunshine. Keep working on it! Good work on Wildest Dreams this week! We will keep working on it next week. Remember the verse is Fm Eb Db Eb and the chorus is Ab Bbm Db. Try your best to work on it this week.


Nice work on Wake Me Up. Remember to practice both hands separately and then put them together. The right hand practice is the strumming pattern and the left hand is the focus on chord switching. Nice work on Flowers Need the Rain! We will finish it next time. Good work!


Nice job on Here Comes the Sun! It is a tough song but its sounding great.  Have a listen to the song and try to connect the parts we have done so far. We will finish this one next time. Good work on My Name is Jonas! Try to work out the structure of the tune this week and play through it. Also work on Surf Wax America. Nice work!


Nice work on the Rocky Horror tunes! Practice Time Warp, Hot patootie and I’m Going Home for next week. Play along to the songs, playing both the chords and the melodies (separately). Work on getting comfortable with that classic blues rock pattern (power chord with the pinky reaching to the sixth). Also work on Starman this week. We will finish it next time. Nice work!


Great work on In My Life! Practice the whole song with both the chords and the melody. If you notice any chord switches are particularly hard, practice the transition between the two chords back and forth. Try to play along to the song. Amazing job on Let It Snow. The melody is tough but it is sounding awesome. Remember to practice it slowly. Next week, we will do songs from the Sound of Music!