Happy December! Enjoy your time at the piano and your time with loved ones <3 Your hard work is paying off!


Arctic Voices – All. The last line is the only new part this week, and reuses a lot of chords from earlier in the piece. Add pedal this week and bring the dynamics to life as well. You are creating a soundscape. Imagine you are the soundtrack of a “Planet Earth” style nature documentary of the arctic.

Witches and Wizards – All. We played through the entire thing in class. Rely on the accents of 123456 to help keep a rhythmic motor going throughout.

Tattoo – Great work!! You should be very proud of your work on coordinating the hands together. Now apply the same exact method to the first 8 bars of the piece. The only difference is at the very end, there are four 8th notes where only two quarter notes used to be, but this is still nicely on the beat and not syncopated.


Play through any of the papers I have given you thus far for note reading practice.
Today we learned about how triads are created from a major scale and how roman numerals are used. I, IV, V and vi make up most of all pop/rock music.

Practice finding C F and G (I, IV and V in the key of C) with your LH pinky. Then practice adding the 5th on top of it with your thumb and maintaining that interval within the hand. Try to have the rest of your fingers be relaxed while doing so, anything else creates unncessary tension that could one day turn to pain.

C major scale – right and left seperately. Remember the RH fingering is 123 12345, and the LH is 54321 321.

Keep Doing What You’re Doing – chords change on beat 1, then beat 4, then beat 4. Refer to this if you need help.