Enjoy the snow everyone! And stay safe out there <3 I appreciate everyone’s hard work.


Lead sheets – Eerie Canal and Happy Birthday. Explore using the voicings of the chords where your LH moves as minimal as possible, while playing the melody with the RH. Experiment with different accompaniment rhythms, groups of notes.

Avatar – Begin from where we circled. Work out how the 6 RH notes align with the 3 LH notes in each beat. This section is in 9/8. Use your chord blocking technique from before to become familiar with the Eb-, Db, Ab, Eb- chord progression. You’ve got this!


All of Boat of Tai Lake. A lot of the sections are repetitions of earlier phrases so you know the whole piece! Practice will make this more comfortable. A great practice technique is to play each line multiple times until it is fluent and then move on to the next line. To cap off that practice session, connect the 2 lines together and play that. Rinse and repeat with another 2 lines the next practice session! This should all be hands together practice. Try to keep your eyes on the paper as much as you can.

Rhythm worksheet – This will benefit Never Gonna Give You Up as it is dotted quarter note practice. One hand is always a steady beat, and the other hand does the syncopated rhythms. Go very slow and don’t allow yourself to become frustrated, once you get it it will be so groovy and your brain will turn off :) Do both the ones I connected with lines so each hand gets a turn being the syncopated one.

D Major scale.


Be sure to practice your technique (scales + triads) for the mock exam next week :) You’re going to be great!

Angelfish – evenness, no swinging of the 8th notes. Practice playing quieter to convey the emotion and mood of this piece more accurately.

Detectives – focus on dynamics this week! Each line has dynamic swells, go to the high point and then back off of it to create that sneaky feeling. Good job keeping up the staccato touch!

Ecossaise – I circled a part in the last line where you struggle to “land” the high F consistently, so practice getting in and out of this spot. I think this piece would benefit from a calmer approach and perhaps slightly slower tempo.

The Snake – Nice work! Start quieter so you have room to grow. Good fix on the last line.


Spring – Awesome job reading this one! You picked up all the details so quick! Make sure to keep paying attention to the staccato notes, and the 2 or 3 note slurs. If you need a reminder how it sounds, just look up Spring from the Four Seasons as it is so famous.

A Major scale. 3 sharps = C#, F#, G#. Same fingering as your other scales for both hands.