Hey everyone! So, so sorry to have missed you today. I have a gnarly stomach bug :( Happy practicing though, have a great week! I’m off to sleep more now.


If you still have the folder I gave your for Christmas handy, try and learn Pop Goes the Weasel on your own! I believe you can do it :)


I found official Avatar sheet music. Just like in the video you were watching, the LH takes the bottom notes of the group of 6 notes that keeps repeating. Pay attention to this on the chart. Have fun exploring some of this! Notice the key signature: F and Cb (so B) seem to be the only white keys you’ll play. I would practice playing the melody hands seperate first.


Keep rocking on Goldberg Variations. There are tons of awesome videos of this piece being played – try and find your favourite.


Keep working on Boat of Tai Lake. Refer to this video for inspiration.


Keep working on preparing your Mock Exam program. We will pick an etude next week. I’m excited to hear the List A piece you chose.

Keep working on Jurassic Park hands together.


Keep working on Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. This video can help.


Keep practicing Kitchitikipi.

Start exploring Our Detective Agency. This video can help.