Today was fantastic :) Enjoy Mother’s Day tomorrow <3


Lost Woods – GREAT progress!! Your LH position changes are sounding really good. Continue to do practice at slower tempos to get it as “clean” as possible. If there are spots that always go perfect hands together, only play them in performing mode, they don’t need special like the spots that often sound messy do.

*New* Legend from DeltaRune – m18-25. Learn the RH melody with consistent timing. Practice playing the all-white-note triads of A minor, G, F, E minor, D minor, and C. Next week we will decide what rhythm/pattern we want to play them in and will begin hands together work. For now, get used to that descending line, they each last 1 bar long.

*New Scale* F Major. F major has one black key = B flat. LH has completely normal fingering (54321 321), however due to the Bb, RH is an exception! RH will go 1234 1234 (so thumb under and lands on C), ending on finger 4 will feel weird, but it’s just how the cookie crumbles for this one scale.


Golden Hour – Continue to put extra work into the bar before and after each chord change so you can get it seamless. At the bottom of the second page, explore the RH vocal line hands seperate. Notice the 4 sharps in the key signautre. Once the melody begins, the LH should take a backseat volume-wise.

Warmup with an E major scale to get comfy with this key signature.


Saturn by SZA – I tranposed the intro into C and wrote it out for you in 8th notes. Remember to use all your fingers so you can perform this with minimal awkward fingering moves.


*New* Kaleidoscope Colours Listen to it here, notice her volume changes with each line. Both hands are in treble clef!!! As the intervals (distance betweeen notes) get smaller, one of the notes stays the same, as the other changes – notice this in each line.

Warmup with your C and G scales, as well as C triad patterns.