Hello everyone! Thanks for your effort practicing this week :)


You’re working on the. first 16 bars of Amazing Grace. Play the RH louder than the LH, like your RH is the singer.

For the Avengers theme, you can change the intro to have a more simplistic rhythm in the LH, simply changing the notes and holding them, as the RH plays the melody. For the 2nd and 3rd pages, play as written because the thicker texture is awesome and very achievable.

We also learnt the 12 bar blues form. It goes I for 4 bars, IV for 2 bars, back to I for 2 bars, then V for 1 bar, IV for 1 bar, and I for 2 bars. For example C C C C , F F C C , G F C C. Practice playing this pattern with different bass lines and in different ways. You also know how to do it in the key of F. Next we could try G.

Recommended practice time: 30 minutes


Missed you this week. Have a great week and see you soon.


You’re working on the first 14 bars of Top Secret. Remember it is staccato for the most part, so don’t connect the notes. Today we learnt the part where we move up to F position. Great job with the finger independence needed for this piece! Try working on putting it hands together. Keep your eyes on the page and don’t just rely on memory, this way you’ll notice all the details, like articulation and dynamics (and notes).

Recommended practice time: 20 minutes


You’re working on The Spring Session. For the phrases that do not begin on beat 1, practice starting at the beginning of them like a “pickup” at the beginning of a piece. I outlined one of them in line 2, begin on this beat 4 and plays hands together. For the repeated high Gs at the end of line 2 where I drew the bubbles, this is to “go To” beat 1 at the beginning of line 3 so it helps you keep the beat. Keeping a really steady pulse will help you play the melody easier.

You’re also working on The Snake. Great job putting the phrases that overlap together! This week focus on Dynamics, Dynamics, Dynamics. The crescendo and diminuendos are to represent the snake being charmed out (and back in) of it’s little basket. The snake is not just out in the open the whole time (a monotone constant loud sound) because that’s not intriguing. We want to draw the listener in with interest!

Recommended practice time: 25 minutes


You’re working on Alouette on page 33. This piece has dotted quarter notes, which take 3 beats. I LOVED how you sung the note names as you played, or counted aloud! Don’t stop this, it’s an amazing habit.

Your warmup exercise is the “skipping” one on C Major. Use fingers 1 3 5 (C E G)and be picky about this! Other fingers might be easier, but with a little bit of practice, this WILL be easy! Do both hands :)

Recommended practice time: 15 minutes


You’re working on Roman Trumpets. We learnt the notes D, E and F in the treble clef. They’re all written in so keep your eyes on the page to create the connection between the notes on the piano, with how they look on the page. Keep a steady beat and count, the “hollow” notes (half notes) always must have 2 beats.

I also taught you half of the folk song “Bahay Kubo”. Next week we will learn the other half. Try to remember it and show your Mom!

Your warmup exercise is the “skipping” one on C Major. Use fingers 1 3 5 (C E G) and be picky about this! Other fingers might be easier, but with a little bit of practice, this WILL be easy! Do both hands :)

*Reminder to please purchase this book whenever possible*

Recommended practice time: 20 minutes


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