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Etude in D minor – practice playing one measure at a faster steady tempo and landing on the next measures new position and stopping there (right on beat 1). The goal is to build fluency connecting the measures together. Once you can transition between two measures in time, connect two different measures.

Etude in D Major – nice! Watch the difference between your 8th and 16th notes. The opening note to the piece is Not beat 1, it is a “pickup” measure, it’s like taking in a big breath before beginning reciting a poem/speech. Put the first 8 bars hands together. Explore the next 8 bars hands separate.

*New* Arctic Voices – opening line. The notes in your RH will start fast and gradually get slower. The LH notes should be equal speed to each other, but still very slow loud and dramatic. Then the RH quietly echoes above the bass. Here is a recording for inspiration.

Harmonic minor scales. Raised 7th.


This book uses a “pop staff” in the LH to get you playing chords quicker. The note name in the circle is the note your LH pinky will go on, and put your fingers so they each get a white note, your thumb will play the note it is resting on. (If the chord is C, then you’ll be playing C and G).
Your RH is learning how to read music n in the treble clef. For the “technical exercises” play through them first with just your RH, then play through the LH chords alone, and Then you can try combining them. Be sure to count a steady 1234 for each bar.

Session 32 – I have written out the three chords this song uses. You can listen to the recording to hear what rhythms to play them in. I know these black-white-black triads are interesting to get your hand used to, but try your hardest to have your thumb and pinky play the outside notes of the chord, for the C# and G# chord. For the 3rd (diminished) chord you can use fingers 532 or something, because it is a smaller chord.

This 4four exercise will review the 5 RH notes that your papers use this week.

Please ask your Mom if she is able to pick up a keyboard around the city if I find a free one :)