-Warmups (30 sec each)
-New Warm Up Song: Back Pocket
-8 on a hand
-Singles; doubles; paradiddles
-Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
Ride Pattern Exercise
RH ride-> RH Crash -> RH Hihat -> RH Ride -> LH Crash -> LH hihat

*Alfred Lesson 4 **please print (google drive)
*Ex. 1-8
Worksheet: Drumset Musician p. 11
*keep working on #6 a)
**extra challenge: learn #7 a)
Musical Alphabet
C Major Scale
note reading: lines and spaces in treble clef
*Piano Adventures p. 31


-Bohemian Rhapsody
-Oh Darling, Beatles
-Radio Gaga
*Fall Out Boy – Dance, Dance (please print from google drive)
-Intro this week
*Flams (found on the PAS Rudiments Chart – print from google drive)
*Flam Taps
Singles (RLRL), Doubles (RRLL), Paradiddles (RLRR LRLL…) – 75bpm


-Warmups (1min each):
Triplet Exercise 95bpm
1 measure RH; 2mm LH
Sixteenth-note Exercise 70bpm
One time through each pattern, then switch hands
*Syncopation Book (on the google drive, page 7 of the PDF/pg 8 of the real book)
*p. 8, ex. 1-7: read the top line as snare drum
Toto: Hold the Line
*first four bars of groove


-8 on a hand
-Stick Control 1-13* (200bpm)
-Drumset Musician p 12, last three exercises, a) and b)
-Summer songs: Four Teeth by True Widow
-Four bar main groove (handout)