Hello Everyone! It was lovely to meet you all today! I’m very excited to work with you all and see what we can acheive :)
My name is Erin Plank and I use he/they pronouns :)


Firefly measures 1-8 – This piece is in C position for both hands. When reading, look at the direction of the notes and whether they are stepping or skipping. You will also notice patterns being repeated, just starting on different notes, so make that connection.

Recommended practice time15 minutes daily

Parental guidance: Have her practice this in 1 or 2 bar chunks. This will help to build fluency, we don’t want to just plod through reading all 8 bars slowly, as that doesn’t help actually learn the piece. Instead, work to build the ability to play one measure at a steady tempo, and then add the next bar and practice playing those 2 bars steadily without mistakes, then add the next bar etc. etc.


Warmup with C Major triads, broken and solid, both hands but separate. Think of your hand as a crab crawling up the keys, playing only the notes C E and G in different orders.

The Swing first 3 lines – This piece is in G Major, so watch the F#s. It also regularly uses its relative minor, E minor! Watch the LH position changes, as well as the ties. Experiment with dynamics to bring the melancholic mood to life.

Lead sheet of Happy Birthday – This piece uses only chords I, IV, and V7. Practice playing the LH chords in root position at a steady tempo, as well as practice playing the melody by itself slowly. Once both are comfortable, experiment with hands together. Watch the key signature.

Recommended practice time: ~30~ minutes daily