To A Wild Rose – Focus on bringing out the melody notes over the rest of the sound. Regarding the repetitive LH notes, a little more wrist movement like knocking on a door will help. Stay loose!

Chopin Prelude – Experiment with flatten your fingers a bit so the fleshy part of your finger is playing the keys, rather than the direct fingertip. This can be used to create a smoother softer texture in the piano.


River Dance m1-8 in Randall book – Great reading today! Be very picky about the tied notes timing to create the dancey mood.

You can begin dusting off your major scales as a warmup, so we can learn some more minor scales and other technical skills together! We will also return to your Bastien books next week, but not the pop book that Star Wars is in.


I’m going to purchase this book for you and bring it to class next week for us to work through. If possible you can bring $!6 or a $20 and I can give you change… If not next week, then eventually :)


*NOTE TO PARENTS* Over the summer when I was preparing for lessons, I had planned to use this book by Wunderkeys with Katarina, because it has a lot of variety of activites and parental guidance to use at home. I would like you to take a look through this PDF sample and we can talk about this next lesson (I have a physical copy of it). I didn’t know she was taking summer lessons and you guys already bought the level 1 Piano Adventures book! I am happy to teach out of that book because I have lots of experience with it, and you’ve already bought it, but please share your thoughts about what you think might work best for her :)

This week, her homework can be these pieces, or any pieces that are written in this style within the purple Primer Lesson book.


*New* Victress Sessions piece by Carreno Venise – explore as much as you can this week. Be picky with timing and which notes line up with which.

Air in Bb Major – Nice tempo! Be very precise with what notes are legato and what are detached. Remember this would’ve been played on a harpsichord or clavichord and sounded more detached

Sonatina in F Major – Great! Fix the timing on the 8th notes after the big 16th note run on the 2nd page. On page 1 when the RH becomes staccato, the LH doesn’t, it stays legato to contrast.

Nighttime in the City – Awesome! Fix the timing on the RH 8th notes in the very middle of the piece. Great groove.


What Lies Ahead m1-8 – You did a great job reading the LH today! Spend a day or two HS and then put it hands together. I would like to hear these 8 bars hands together next week no matter how slow the tempo is:)

Since you stated you would like to learn more triads this year, can you review your C major triads (and any other ones you know) and show me you can do the broken triad pattern?


*New* Zum Gali Gali – this is a famous Israeli folk song that is used often because of its fun rhythms and minor mood. Be very precise with your counting and prioritize an even tempo.

 Jump by Van Halen – https://musescore.com/user/11983571/scores/2581141

Back in the USSR – play around with the chords in your *LH*. Start in root position first, and then see if you can figure out how to “voice lead” – like using a different inversion of some of the chords so you don’t have to move your hand around so far.

Something to think about, programs like Audacity (computer) and Anytune (app) can slow down music without warping the pitch. This would be a nice tool to use for playing along with recordings like the AC/DC tune you’re working on.


Atacama Dessert  REPERTOIRE – A Section – This piece uses one note being repeateed (or held, in the LH’s case) well other notes change around it. The changing notes are what we really want to hear, not the repetitive notes.

*New* The Wind ETUDE– don’t worry about speed right off the start, focus on a consistent tempo. Shoot for an even sound with no specific notes sticking out to create a moody windy sound. Great reading today on this one!