Hey everyone, thanks a lot for working hard over the week, everyone sounds great! Here is what I’d like you to work on this week.

Ella- Try to be able to play through the second line around half tempo. Try looking up the video on youtube and playing it at 50% speed to practice along. If the sheet music isn’t making sense, try to listen and pick up how it goes.

Eric- Practicie playing through the entirety of I Want to Hold Your Hand along with the music and without it. The more you play along with the track, the better you’ll learn the tune!

Jonah- Try to find C, F, and A on the keyboard at school. Practice playing a C scale (C D E F G A B C) on piano or xylophone. Please look at the rhythms from last week too!

Noah- Look over and practice playing the rhythms I wrote out, as well as the rock beat. Try everything slow and always count, you’re already picking it up very well!

Sylvie- Practice Spice through the 5th line. Try to get it up to tempo with the metronome then play along with the song. Most importantly, work on adding the accent to the beat. Start this very slowly then speed up only when it feels comfortable.

See you all next week, have fun!!!