Will- Practice Ride, especially going in and out of the fills. Try to be able to play it from memory for next week! Also, take a look at the subdivison sheet and try moving the accents onto the toms.

Elliot- This week, work on the subdivision sheet with your feet marking the time. If you’re in 4/4 time, add the kick to beats 1 and 3, and the hi hat to 2 and 4. In cut time, add kick drum on beat 1 and hi hat on beat 3.

Alexy- Practice your rhythm sheet the way we did in the lesson, replacing one part of the basic rock beat (hi hats, snare, or kick) with the rhythm on that instrument. Do this slowly at first with a metronome and over the week you’ll be able to get it pretty fast.

Oscar- Practice the triplet kick drum patterns and incorporate the hi hat. Start it really really slow then bring it up to speed. When it gets comfortable, try doing weird stickings like paradiddles and doubles. Once you can do all these variations, playing a simple one will be effortless.

Nate- Walk up to a keyboard as many times as you can and identify where all of the natural notes (no sharps or flats) are. Then, play C major, G major, and F major scales. If you can’t get any time on a keyboard at school, try a couple times on an online keyboard, I recommend this one https://recursivearts.com/virtual-piano/.

It was good to see you all again! Thanks for the good work, have a nice week!