Hi Everyone, great job today!! I really appreciate all the work you’re putting in. It shows and you’re all improving tremendously. Here is what I’d like you to work on this week.

Ella- Work this week on getting the Black Parade fill up to tempo. You know the drill, start nice and slow, checking in with the recording to make sure It’s right, then build up the tempo gradually. Please take a look at the next fill too (right before the beat comes in) so we can get right to it next week.

Eric- Practice the top line of Swing Sheet B. It might be pretty tough at first, but if you can even get it at 40 bpm, it will be a success! Next, look at Mr. Blue Sky and try to familiarize yourself withe the form of the song and the main beats. Here is the sheet music.(https://drive.google.com/open?id=1f91QkrKgNCS-qzgcAp-U7tdz0ZtfWxKu)

Jonah- Please look over the two rhythms written out in your book. Check back to the drawing which explains quarter notes and eighth notes if you have trouble with it. Also, practice some beats to show me!

Noah- Please practice the three rhythms written in your book using eighth notes. In addition, please look at the top line of the Lesson 1 beat page for next time. Make sure to play the beats very slowly and check back with the sheet music to make sure it is correct.

Sylvie- Please practice the first three lines of this sheet (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1czVrznrTxhtv3Bs1QU18jo65tvj01P0n). In addition, listen to One Room Disco a bit and familiarize yourself with the song before we start to play it next week!

Koel- Please practice the Lesson 1 beat sheet this week. Use the two methods we talked about today to help break down and learn the patterns. It’s a lot of stuff so if you don’t get to finish the whole sheet by next week that’s alright. Bonus points for getting the last line!

Thanks a lot for the great lessons today! I’ll see you all next week. Have fun practicing!!!