P= Piano = Soft and  F = Forte = Loud

Double bar line ||  = the end of the song a Repeat sign :||  means to start again.

Songs: I hear the echo and Old MacDonald – 1st fill in the counting for each song then go through each song and clap out the rhythms to make sure you understand everything. After clapping through next play through each song and count as you play to keep a steady temp. Finally try singing along to the song!

Always keep your fingers round and your wrists straight like you are making a cage for a little mouse, remember not to squish the mouse!




Quarter Rest = 1 beat /Half rest = 2 beats/Tie – Connects two of the same notes

Slur – Connects different notes (play smooth)

Go through all of the musical terms that we talk about each class from the front of your book.

Play I just can’t wait to be king – remember to count out loud as you play. Work carefully on the 8th notes. They are quicker than the quarter notes. Try playing a little faster this week.

Remember to bring the notebook and your other piano book to class next week.


Technique: Play through C major scale this week. 5 times every day


Peter Peter, Rusty Old bike, lightly row, Flute of the Andes, Runaway rabbit.

Remember to fill in the counting, clap through each song then count out loud as you play.

Also try out Improv again this week and try with C major and G major.



Continue working with the leaning breath so you can feel that expansion throughout your abdomen. Good work this week with this. Be mindful of each step you are taking to achieve the most efficient way of breathing. All vowels should be considered shapes in your mouth, and your tongue should be un-involved while your brain is doing most of the work. Try the last verse, go through the steps of speaking text in rhythm clapping the rhythm out and then sing in rhythm.



Continue filling out your practice schedule every week to collect stickers!

Songs: Skipping in space, Half time show

Fill in the counting, clap and count then play through the songs

Sight reading: Classic Dance day 5 – Play this through once every day.

Practice Scales every day starting on C, D, and this week add E. Also remember to use Crab hands.




Scales – C major and G major broken and solid both hands together

Songs: A country song – Test next week for both hands and be sure to play in tempo for entire song.

Puff the magic dragon: Both hands but focus on the left hand for the 1st page only

Correct your theory pages.



Practice breathing exercises on the floor to feel your rib cage expanding.

Little do you know: Focus singing on Vowels not consonants. Think about the syllables so that you don’t add notes.

Sit still look pretty: Do the same as above.

Make sure you do warm ups everyday and use your head voice when necessary. Don’t push your voice out.