1. Continue E major and C# minor from Voxman book (pg. 64). Work up to 110 bpm.
  2. Jubilant Overture: notes on music.


Good work today!

This week make sure to practice with the ‘v’ embouchure: don’t take too much lip in your mouth, and make sure to rest your top teeth gently on the mouthpiece.

  1. G major scale, descending and ascending
  2. ‘Piece #1.’ try playing this along to a metronome set at 100 bpm.
  3. Pick up the Galper Clarinet Method at Long and McQuade or Amazon for our next lesson.


  1. Continue Bb major scale at 70 bpm in eighth notes
  2. Continue Bb major arpeggio at 60 bpm in eighth notes
  3. Learn page 26 #3.
    • Start at 80 bpm and build up to 110 bpm this week.
  4. Page 26 #4.
    • Focus on phrasing this melody like you might sing it – use your dynamics to shape the melody.
  5. Learn Sonnymoon for Two from this youtube video. Remember; our starting notes are: G, F, D. We’ll play it together next week!


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