Daily amount of minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Jonathan I want you to work on the beat for Runaway, here is the transcription and the song.

How to practice effectively: Like I mentioned at the end of the lesson, I want you to focus on the way you practice this beat this week. What I want you to avoid is just trying to get it starting from the beginning and stopping in the same place. Instead, work first on the trickiest part which is going to be the last two beats. Work it out slowly step by step, break it down in different ways like isolating the hands like we did today. Then go slowly and connect it to the rest of the beat, reinforcing the transition to the hard bit and trying to get into it smoothly. Learning this way is almost like painting a wall, you gotta keep going back and making a new layer every time it dries until you’ve done enough coats. Then next week I want to hear the progress you’ve made and details as to how you practiced the beat, what got better, what was challenging, etc.

Really great work ethic today Jonathan, this is tough stuff and you’re well on your way to nailing it. Learning how to practice well can be tough but if you keep pushing and trying new things, it’ll start happening!