Thanks for all the hard work everyone, you are all sounding great, looking forward to lessons next week.



Recommended minutes to practice: 10 minutes a day

What to practice: Next week I would love to hear Mary Had A Little Lamb as well as the chord progression for Stand By Me which goes C – A minor – F – G. 

How to practice it most effectively:  I can tell you have a really good ear, I can see you using it to figure out the notes in melodies and this is great if you keep working on stuff you’ll become a great musician. I think the biggest thing is to sit down and have even a 5 minute focused practice session once a day and just strum all the chords once or twice a day. 

How parents can help: Just make sure she actually sits down and strums the ukulele a couple times with the correct chords. You’ll be surprised how little practice is needed to see improvement, it’s all about following through with that practice.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: Next lesson I would love to hear the songs that you used to work on as well as the C major scale we learned. I would also like you to listen to the Ben King recording of Stand By Me. Lastly take a look over the chords you know.

How to practice it most effectively: Play the C major scale with a metronome if you can and play it really slowly and try and get a good tone by playing quietly. Also just have fun revisiting the tunes you learned and maybe see if you can remember them by ear instead of looking at a sheet.



Recommended minutes to practice: 15 minutes a day

What to practice: I would really love to hear that Bach piece more fluid, I know you were busy this week so really try and get that started for next lesson. Also I would like to hear the lick from Black Dog, take a listen to the Led Zeppelin recording and maybe check out more of their stuff. Lastly, I would like to hear the C major scale.

How to practice it most effectively: Play the lick really slowly and make sure you feel super comfortable with the fingerings. Playing along to a metronome or the recording slowed down will always help. Also paly the Bach piece really slow, slower than feels comfortable and make sure you’re hitting the right notes in time.



Recommended minutes to practice: 20 minutes a day

What to practice: Practice switching between C major and A minor chords. Try to memorize them. Sunshine of your love is sounding really good keep playing that and we’ll look at the chords next week. God job with Iron Man, keep playing it and those power chords will start coming along.

How to practice it most effectively: Again my advice is always to practice everything slowly, there is no need to rush. Practice the Iron Man chords slowly and make sure you are getting a good sound, this all takes time and eventually it’ll feel natural.



Recommended minutes to practice: 30-45 minutes a day

What to practice:  C major, F major, and Bb major scales in thirds. I also would like to hear house of the rising sun again but just hear you play it all the way through. Try and lift the bass line for Stand By Me and figure out the chords. Also work on Fly Me To The Moon melody and chords.

How to practice it most effectively: Do everything slowly, to grab those more complex chords you’ll need some time to build muscle memory so use a metronome and slowly switch.



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