Star Wars & Music Lessons

Unsurprisingly, Star Wars is all the rage at the moment, with the latest instalment having smashed box office records, and still going strong in theatres.

Musically, the main theme from Star Wars has always been a big deal, particularly with young kids learning musical instruments.  Thanks to ‘The Force Awakens’ this flame of interest is now a roaring bonfire.

In our music school, we hear Star Wars themes at least a few times a year, and always enjoy them.  They make a nice change from the traditional music learned in lessons.  We also believe that it is important for kids learning music to be able to play the things that interest them.  So, when kids tell us what they’d like to play, then we’ll find a way to get it into their lessons.

Star Wars on Organ, Played by a Young Woman

We also believe in sharing inspiration, so here’s what looks to be a teenage girl – who obviously knows how to practice – playing the main themes from Star Wars.  Pay particular attention to her feet – this is where most of the bass instruments (Bass, Tuba, Timpani, Bass Drum) are coming from.  Playing these parts with your foot is incredibly hard, but she makes it look easy!  You’ll also notice how accurate and fast her hands are with the quicker rhythms.  You may wonder why she has earphones in while playing, too.  This is likely because she has programmed extra sound effects into her performance, and there is probably a guide (a programmed metronome, called a click track) to help keep her synched with those effects.



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