Hello Everyone! Sorry that homework posts are late this week. Hopefully they inspire you to have a fresh perspective at the beginning of this week.


Happy New Year! Lessons have been in progress for two weeks, and I look forward to picking up from where we left off (on a high note!) last year. I am looking forward to seeing your bright smile, and feel you lovely energy. Can you pick a song to bring in for Wednesday that we can work on together.


Looking forward to working with you again too. If you’re feeling brave, turn the page in your piano book, and try the next song.


Keep singing those songs we’ve worked on. And look up MAYBE from Annie on youtube to get a sense of how the song goes. I look forward to going on an piano adventure with you on Wednesday!


You worked so hard on Wednesday! I was so proud of you. Good work on MAYBE and LITTLE LAMB. Sing them through a few times tonight and tomorrow, and then I’ll hear where you’re at on Wednesday. Looking forward to working with you again soon!