Hello Everybody!

Here is some important information about Summer.

Desk Schedule

We will be operating on a much reduced front desk schedule.  The desk will be attended on Tuesdays, in a limited capacity.  If you need to cancel your lessons, or even think you may have to, we recommend that you call as soon as possible.

Summer & Fall Lessons

We are now well booked for the Summer and Fall, but there are still spots available, and at good times.  You can book anytime.

Summer lessons begin July 4th, and Fall Lessons begin September 5th.

There are no make-ups for Summer lessons.  If you are going to be away, and have not already called the office to adjust your schedule and billing, please do so right away

You Can Save at least $293.80 this Year… and Every Year

ABC has a referral program that resets every year, and that you can use as many times as you want during that year.  If you refer a new family to ABC, we’ll give you 20% off one set of your lessons to the end of June 2018 when they register.  Your friend’s family will get 20% off all family members until June 2018.

You can also do this as many times as you want within a school year, getting an additional 20% off each time.  It’s unlimited!

We have families that regularly get 40% off, and last year we had someone get the whole year free.

We know Music Lessons are an expensive pursuit, and we want to be your partner to make this easier.  Also, we encourage you to take this money back from us, and use it for your children’s RESPs.  With so many of our students staying for many years at a time, this can add up to many thousands of dollars.

Let’s be partners in your children’s education.

How do You Take Advantage of the Referral Program?

It is easy!  All you have to do is make sure your friend tells us your name when they register, or you can give us their name and phone number, and we’ll look after getting them registered.